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My clients are not models! 

My clients are everyday women (and aren't models everyday women too?). That being said, every now and again I do a session with an ACTUAL model.  To me, that is important. Earlier this year, I was a part of a workshop lead by Jennifer Rozenbaum--boudoir photographer and educator extraordinaire. For the workshop she hired ACTUAL models! There was no real goal of the workshop, other than to be creative, share with each other, to learn from the models, and to learn from Jen. 

This workshop taught me SO much. I am learning that it is important for me to take time to creatively recharge! This workshop gave me a renewed spark, and gave me some tips and tricks to take back to my own studio! It truly was an invaluable expierence!

When looking for a boudoir photographer, I believe that education is important! It's not ALWAYS important. However, I know that there are TONS of mistakes that I made prior to beginning my boudoir education journey. These "mistakes" aren't necessarily something that an untrained eye would notice. Yet, I have learned small lessons that have a BIG impact! Overall, I know that learning to correct these mistakes, has made me a MUCH better photographer. I love to learn. I love to grow. I am consistently on the lookout for opportunities to make me better!

I think that we have all seen BAD boudoir photography. And I have seen some amazing photography done by people who are untrained. Ultimately, you will know what you like and what you don't like when searching for boudoir photographers! For me, I feel that my education and ongoing education, is something that sets me apart!

Cheers to learning and striving to be better!!!

A huge thank you to Jennifer Rozenbaum for putting this workshop on, to Anthony Thurston for sharing his super fun and gritty Portland studio, and to the amazing models!

Erinn Hargis is a Tacoma boudoir photographer and a Seattle boudoir photographer, who specializes in boudoir photography. She also serves the surrounding Puget Sound area. Erinn Hargis Boudoir has a studio located in Puyallup, WA.

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