Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, and south sound boudoir photographer.


I’m Erinn and I am so happy you found me! I am a boudoir photographer, posing maven, insomniac, wife, and boy mom! I love naps (on the rare occasion I can take one), jazz-hands, wine and helping women to embrace their inner and outer beauty! When I am not shooting or editing photos, you will find me laughing HARD with my family and friends!

Oh! PS…I am about to change your life.



  • I am obsessed with karaoke! I am an awful singer, but I will charm you with my performance skills.

  • NSYNC over Backstreet Boys ANY day.

  • I picked Lance Bass as my favorite NSYNC’er, because I thought I had the best chances of marrying him. Boy was I wrong.

  • My favorite color is black! But if I had to choose another color, it would be sequins.

  • I believe that I was a drag queen in a past life.

  • For someone that spends most of my life working from home in my pajamas, I own a strange amount of hair products and makeup pallets.

  • In high school, there was a brief moment that I wanted to be a dancer on a cruise ship for a living (I even auditioned…and made it!).

  • Campfires are my happy place. Bonus points if someone is playing a guitar and there is a sing-along.

  • I magically know about most all pop culture. I can’t explain this one. I JUST KNOW.

  • If you want to talk about true crime…we are automatically besties.

  • I love red wine! Cabernet Sauvignon or a good red blend makes me happy.

  • I’d rather go to a dive bar than a swanky lounge.

  • I love, love, love swanky hotels.

  • I am an avid Saturday Night Live watcher and connoisseur.

  • My son is almost 13 and he is my favorite person that I have ever met (don’t tell my husband).

  • My sister is my best friend.

  • WHEN I win the lottery, I am obviously spending a good portion of the winnings on Vegas slot machines and a personal chef who maintains an in home salad bar.