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This is one of my all time favorite sessions!

When Miss T entered my studio, she had a look of excitement and defeat. I quickly introduced my self, seeing that there was something in her eyes that wasn't typical for most of my clients. She quickly sputtered out, "I JUST realized that I accendentally left all of my outfits at home, and I live an hour away!". 

I immediately told her that we would find a solution and not to worry! But first we sat down on the couch in my studio and took some calming deep breaths! We discussed several options, and ultimately decided on the option that made her the most comfortable, and provided her with the most relief. 

We decided that while she was in hair and make-up, I would go shopping for her! Not going to lie...I was really excited!

Before I left the studio, we talked about the items that she had left at home. What her favorite outfits were, her sizes, and color choices. I knew the mall that the Puyallup South Hill Mall was somewhat limited, but had a Victoria's Secret, and a Macy's. Those were my best bets for finding lingerie. Before I left, we exchanged cell phone numbers. I was going to text her images of outfit ideas if I got lost. 

I arrived at the mall and immediately went to Victoria's Secret. I was assuming that I was going to have amazing luck there and that I would be in and out! That wasn't the case! After being there 20 minutes longer than I had planned, I found a few pieces that were similar to what she had planned to wear, but the cut and color were not exactly the same. I was happy with whatI found, but was still missing that WOW item!

I was on my way to hit up Macy's, but something was telling me to pop into Express. AND BOY OH BOY, I am SO happy I did!!! I found two amazing pieces at Express that I was over the moon about! I knew one of the looks she left at home was an off the shoulder sweater. While shopping the clearance rack, I found an amazing sweater that I knew would look great on her body and that the coloring was just right for her!

The second item I found at Express, was an amazing bodysuit! Bodysuits are my most favorite items to shoot! My clients have shown up with a variety of bodysuits that are awesome! However, one of the bodysuits on my boudoir pinterest boards is a favorite of mine...yet no client has ever shown up with it on the day of their session. While at Express, I found a bodysuit that was almost identical to the one that I had pinned!!!!! I texted her a picture of it, and she was on board!!! I left my shopping spree, extremely excited. 

Then, I made a quick stop at my sister's house to grab some shoes! And stopped at my house to grab a slip I had purchased for my own boudoir session, but it didn't quite fit me. I raced back to my studio. Much to my surprise...she had JUST finished with her hair and make-up! 

My client was extremely happy with the items that I had purchased. SUCCESS!!!!!! I purchased a few more items than we needed, because I had no idea if they would fit! So we played dress up and made our final selections! 

I could not have been more happy with what we choose for her session! She looked amazing! 

Moral of the story: there was a really great chance that this session could have gone REALLY wrong. But it turned out to be one of my top 5 favorite sessions! My client trusted me. Her trust in me, allowed me to reach beyond my normal boudoir session. She is happy, comfortable and completely stunning in all of her images! 

A true testament of making lemonade out of lemons!

Miss T--Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your shopper, trusting me to make good choices, and for turning it OUT during you session!!!!! The camera loves you, and IIIII love you!!!!


Erinn Hargis is Tacoma boudoir photographer and a Seattle boudoir photographer, who specializes in boudoir photography. She also serves the surrounding Puget Sound area. Erinn Hargis Boudoir has a studio located in Puyallup, WA.

The first images are of what I texted her from the mall while she was busy getting pampered! 

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