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I don’t even know where to start the story of Miss T’s boudoir session. This session was amazing on so many different levels. 

This past christmas season, Miss T did one of my Christmas Short and Sweet sessions (with the family/portrait side of my photography business). Her family had a very special session, because there were 4 generations in their photos! When Miss T got her images back, she commented on how tired and defeated she looked in the pictures. It broke my heart to hear someone near and dear to me, have such negative thoughts about herself. ESPECIALLY because I did not see that AT all! I saw a beautiful young woman who is a wife, mother, sister, and daughter. A woman who is an integral part of the loving family that was in front of my camera. In fact, she had organized the group session to ensure that this special time was captured. I saw her beautiful heart and her beaming pride. 

Now something you should know, is that Miss T and her husband (my cousin), have been on a long and bumpy fertility journey. At the beginning of October 2016, they decided on choosing a path that required medical intervention. So at the time of their Christmas session, they had already experienced ups, downs, and heartbreak. Since October, they have gone through 5 rounds of IUI. Their journey was taking a toll. As they continued to struggle—I felt like there was something I could do. 

A little after the new year, I told Miss T that I would love to gift her with a boudoir session. Also, my amazing aunt was going to treat her to having her hair and make-up done by Kayla of Kayla Collection Artistry! There was something deep inside of me that KNEW that a boudoir session was exactly what Miss T needed. She needed to be reconnected with the beautiful woman that she is! She needed to see that her body wasn't the subject to some sort of fertility science experiment. She needed to believe in the power that lives inside of her heart, mind and body. 

She KILLED her session! She set her fears aside, and went for it! When I showed her the images, she was floored. As she should have been--they are stunning! I can’t tell you how good it felt to hear her say, “That is beautiful!”…to which I promptly made her repeat back to me, “I am beautiful!”. There was strength in her voice that I hadn't heard in a while. There was a renewed positive excitement apparent in her body language! I knew our session was a success!!!

I felt great. SHE felt great! I was so honored when she allowed me to share her images and her story because it is so powerful. (You can read about the experience in her own words, here. Totally worth the read!). I wanted to share her session and shout from the rooftops about how I think every woman needs to do a boudoir session!!!! But I didn't. I had a gut feeling that I needed to wait to share her story. I had this sneaking suspicion it would be a fertility game changer. Then last week I got a call from her. I SHIT YOU NOT, SHE IS FREAKING PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

Now, I know I can’t take FULL responsibility ;-) BUT YOU GUYS!!!! Her first pregnancy test after the session was POSITIVE!!!! While I am not a doctor, I truly believe that boudoir has special powers! There is something about knowing that you are sexy, beautiful, fearless, powerful, and feminine…that makes you stand a bit taller, walk with a renewed sense of pride, and apparently... my boudoir session can make you drop some crazy fertile eggs!!!!


Erinn Hargis is Tacoma boudoir photographer and a Seattle boudoir photographer, who specializes in boudoir photography. She also serves the surrounding Puget Sound area. Erinn Hargis Boudoir has a studio located in Puyallup, WA.

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